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New England Jewish Academy


New England Jewish Academy’s dual curriculum combines a balance of exceptional academic programming with rich Judaic studies for an educational experience unlike any other. The integration of academic principles and spiritual values throughout the school day provides a depth of learning on many levels. We invite you to learn more about academics at NEJA.

An integrated curriculum is a way to make connections between subjects and make learning more meaningful to students. Our educational model integrates Judaic study and Hebrew immersion with a challenging general studies curriculum. Each student is engaged in project based learning, team work and critical thinking. During their journey of learning and discovery at New England Jewish Academy, all students will demonstrate their mastery of subjects as well as develop and apply important life skills including effective communication, respect for others and a strong sense of social responsibility.

In order to teach all of the important subjects in an effective and comprehensive manner, New England Jewish Academy has developed a curriculum that is grade level specific and utilizes integrated themes for science, social studies, and Jewish studies. Themes change year to year to reflect the growth and interests of our students and our ever-changing world.

Infusing traditional texts with modern life experiences, NEJA students are exposed to the richness of our Jewish heritage and can apply the important lessons in meaningful ways. NEJA students add their own voices to the Jewish conversation. Their skills in text analysis and critical thinking can be applied equally to Torah study or the challenges of Western civilization and literature. Our students are prepared for the world in which they will live and lead.


early childhood

Our Early Childhood Center for children ages two to five sets the stage for a lifetime of learning and achievement. The developmentally appropriate Judaics and General Studies curriculum are enriched with art and music, learning centers, storytelling, creative play, and programming with the other grades.

grades K-6

elementary school

With a revamped curriculum and the use of engaging educational technologies, our students from kindergarten through grade 5 develop a love of learning, a confident Jewish identity, and strong basic skills in reading, writing, math, Hebrew and Jewish text analysis that provides them the ability to engage with the world meaningfully and prepares them for future academic success.

grades 7 & 8

middle school

The middle school combines the academic striving of the high school program with the warm and nurturing environment appropriate for the middle school age. The students take advantage of the many resources of the high school, including technology, labs, the maker space and, of course, subject-specific expert teachers, while establishing the building blocks for more advanced and departmentalized academic study..

grades 9-12

high school

Our high school boasts 8 Advanced Placement (AP) courses, 3 early college experience UCONN courses, multiple levels of Judaic and Secular studies, and a range of electives and athletics. Graduates are well prepared for Yeshiva and Seminary GAP year programs, and our 100% college acceptance rate includes admissions to top schools including Barnard, Brandeis, Columbia, Cornell, MIT, Princeton, UConn, University of Maryland, Yale, and more