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Tuition Subsidy


tuition subsidy

The Mesopotamians built ziggurats. The Egyptians built pyramids. The Greeks built the Parthenon. The Romans built the Colosseum. Jews built schools. That’s why we’re still here, still strong, and still young while all those super powers in their day have been consigned to history.

Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Thanks to the vision and generosity of Ann and Jeremy Pava, New England Jewish Academy now offers a transformative subsidized tuition for all students from kindergarten – 12th Grade.

The subsidized tuition will provide an opportunity for students throughout the area to benefit from a Jewish day school that combines the highest quality education with an environment that nurtures the Jewish soul of each child.

“We genuinely believe that sending children to a Jewish day school is the most important decision parents can make,” said Ann and Jeremy Pava. “We know that day schools immerse entire families in exploring our tradition and sacred values and enables a knowledge and understanding of Judaism that can never be replicated anywhere.”

“We hope this gift will encourage enrollment by making day school tuition affordable and accessible to a broader range of families while also ensuring that our school provides an academic program of the highest quality.”

Tuition Rates for 2024-2025

ProgramHoursAnnual Tuition and Subsidy (per student)Registration Fee (per student)Dinner Fee (per family)Technology Fee (per student)Graduation Fee (per student)
ECC5 full days8:00am- 3:40pm$14,110$650*$500$0$0
3 full days8:00am- 3:40pm$8,490$650*$500$0$0
5 half days8:00am- 1:00pm*$8,850$650*$500$0$0
3 half days8:00am- 1:00pm*$5,480$650*$500$0$0
ElementaryK - 18:00am- 3:40pm$17,850 tuition/ $7,850 after applied subsidy$650*$500$75$0
Elementary2 - 5 Gr. 68:00am- 3:40pm$17,850 tuition/ $10,3500 after applied subsidy $19,425/ $12,425 after applied subsidy$650*$500$75$0
Middle7 - 88:00am- 3:40pm$19,425/ $12,425 after applied subsidy$650*$500$75$0
High9 - 128:00am- 4:35pm$25,200/ $15,200 after applied subsidy$650*$500$75 (Gr. 9) $40 (Gr. 10-12)$250 (Gr. 12)

Early bird registration fee is $500 per student prior to April 18th. $650 per student thereafter