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The June Mishkin Classroom

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The June Mishkin Classroom

Have you ever had a dream? Have you always known what you wanted to do with your life? Have you ever moved forward without looking back?

June Mishkin knew from the time she was a child that she wanted to be a teacher, but not just any teacher. She knew that she wanted to be a preschool teacher. The type of teacher who shaped young children’s minds. She wanted to be the first role model that a child had. June Mishkin wanted to help children feel safe, feel warm and most importantly feel loved.

From her experience as a camp counselor in Maine, to her college education at Lesley College, from her first job at the Austin School in Springfield, Mass to her finding a home at the Hebrew Academy of Greater Hartford, June Mishkin was
able to live her dream.

She was a teacher at the Bess and Paul Sigel Hebrew Academy for 50 plus years.

Of course, she wrote lesson plans, she listened to parents’ concerns, and she taught
children colors, numbers and letters. Most importantly, however, June Mishkin loved the children. To her each child was special. She helped each child to feel unique, to feel good about themselves. She gave children their first taste of learning and taught them to love school.

We remember June as she held a child when they cried and as she sang and danced with each and every child. 

June Mishkin lived her dream, because in being the type of teacher that she was, June Mishkin gave each child strength, hope and love. June Mishkin gave each child a piece of her soul. 

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