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Respect and responsibility: embodying Kiddush Hashem in the wider world

While our students develop their love for fellow Jews and Israel, they also cement
their commitment to treating all people with derech eretz: dignity, respect, kindness,
and empathy. Through hands-on experiential programs, students absorb the essential Jewish trait of gemilut chesed (loving-kindness), becoming people who
give freely of themselves to make the world a better place.

Our students evolve into responsible, caring individuals, actively participating in American and global societies as conscientious citizens. They strive to create a kiddush Hashem in their everyday interactions and contributions, setting a positive example for those around them.

No less impressive is the Ahavat Yisrael NEJA students display toward their peers. Typical barriers of age and grade level melt away at NEJA as fourth graders make
special trips to say hello to kindergarten friends and teens of all ages include each other socially. True to NEJA’s culture, students from diverse religious backgrounds welcome and accept each other with unique warmth.

Where students transform into givers and activists

Traits like gemilut chesed (loving-kindness), and communal responsibility are best learned by doing. Below are examples of the opportunities NEJA students receive to develop their community activism and giving muscles:


Israel advocacy

NEJA students actively engage in advocating for Israel in the U.S., participating in AIPAC-led events, conventions, and teen advocacy programs, and lobbying Congress for Israel’s support.

Intergenerational learning

NEJA high schoolers partner with the Mandell JCC of Greater Hartford, meeting monthly with Jewish seniors to discuss Jewish values, enhancing intergenerational connections and shared wisdom.

Student-driven chesed

Our students organize aid initiatives, such as food drives and support for disaster and conflict victims. They’ve notably raised $8,000 for Israeli rescue workers, showing deep commitment to humanitarian work.

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