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Core Values

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core values

Jewish Commitment

We inspire students to love Torah and Mitzvot, to cultivate a deep commitment to the Jewish community, and to develop a confident, knowledgeable Jewish identity.

Academic Growth

Using a highly individualized approach, we help each student reach his or her academic potential in both general and Jewish studies, striving to discover the optimal intellectual challenge for every child.

Derech Eretz

We nurture students to treat all people with dignity, respect, kindness and empathy.

Engagement with the World

We teach students to engage with the world around them as responsible citizens in an open, productive manner that brings about a Kiddush Hashem (sanctification of God’s name).


We encourage students to give freely of themselves to make the world a better place and to internalize the character of gemilut chessed (kindness) as an essential aspect of their Jewish identity.


We help students form deep and abiding connections to the Jewish homeland.