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New England Jewish Academy Capital Campaign

Lower school expansion

We’ve embarked on a $4.5 million construction journey aimed at redefining educational excellence for the next wave of community leaders. A quick tour of the new NEJA campus illustrates its power as a springboard not just for individual student growth, but for the growth of the entire Jewish community. The 7000-square-foot expansion, extensive indoor renovations, and innovative outdoor assets will promote the holistic success and growth of our Jewish children for generations to come.

6 state-of-the-art classrooms

These classrooms will be equipped with the latest educational technology, providing an
immersive and interactive learning environment.

Resource room and library

Our Resource Room and Library serve as hubs of knowledge and exploration within our
school. In these spaces, students can access a wide array of educational materials, from
books and research references to digital resources and multimedia materials.

Social worker’s office

Our dedicated Social Worker’s Office will be a confidential and supportive space where
students can seek guidance and assistance when facing personal or social challenges.

New, secure playgrounds

These playgrounds will be constructed with the highest safety standards and designed
to encourage physical activity, social interaction, and imaginative play.

Improving existing infrastructure

The existing infrastructure will undergo both beautification and hardening. This will include
aesthetic enhancements such as landscaping and new signage, coupled with security
upgrades like reinforced entry points, advanced surveillance systems, and emergency
response protocols, ensuring a safe, welcoming, and secure environment for students
and staff.

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