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news and events

Presenting the Graduates – Class of 2022

Caps off to NEJA’s Class of 2022, who received diplomas during Sunday’s graduation ceremony. Future plans call for them to travel near and far this fall, as graduates plan to
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First Grade Auerfarm Field Trip

This past Tuesday, first graders participated in a program at Auerfarm. The program, What Do We FInd in Water and On the Land? had the class find items for a
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Hitching Recycled Dogs to KIBO robots

This week the first and second graders had the opportunity to “hitch” their recycled dog sled to their KIBO robot and complete their portion of the Iditarod trail which commemorates
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Pi Day Activities

Pi day activities included making a cityscape using the first 50 numbers of Pi, and making Pi bracelets
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2022 NEJA Gala Photos

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