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New England Jewish Academy Capital Campaign

A dedicated community partner: shaping our future to meet our community’s

NEJA’s strategic vision for the future includes more than physical improvement and expansion. Recent leadership changes reflect a commitment to tackling challenges, embracing opportunities, and aligning NEJA’s curriculum and culture
post-merger to best fulfill students’ needs and the community’s aspirations.

A key element of NEJA’s growth vision includes an upward climb toward impeccable academic excellence. Countless NEJA alumni have attended the choicest of colleges and accomplished significantly in high-level professions. NEJA’s
leadership is committed to continuing those phenomena and more, with the goal of elevating NEJA obvious choice for any Jewish parent seeking top-quality education for their children.


Core Values


Jewish Commitment

Inspiring students to a life of Torah and Mitzvot, a deep
commitment to the Jewish community, and a confident,
knowledgeable Jewish identity

Academic Growth

Empowering each student to achieve their full academic
potential in both secular and Jewish studies through
individualized learning

Derech Eretz

Nurturing students to treat all of the people in their lives
with dignity, respect, kindness and empathy

Engagement with the World

Educating students to interact with society and the wider
world as responsible, proactive citizens in a manner that
brings about a Kiddush Hashem


Encouraging students to actively engage in acts of
kindness and generosity, making a positive impact on
the world and integrating gemilut chesed as a core
element of their Jewish identity


Nurturing a profound and enduring bond with Israel,
fostering a deep commitment to our Jewish homeland

“At NEJA, we do more than educate; we inspire and nurture the heart and soul of each student.”

Maintaining a balance between rigorous academic standards and addressing the needs of each student, we work to educate the whole child, providing them with the confidence and motivation to develop fully as they grow. NEJA shapes well-rounded individuals who are both knowledgeable and deeply connected to their Jewish identity.

– Esther Eisenman, Head of School
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