Girls Basketball win in 1st game of the season

The NEJA girls basketball team played their first game of the season on Tuesday at Beth Chana Academy High School in Orange. Ever mindful that the show must go on – and after a last minute referee cancellation – our very own Head of School Naty Katz stepped in to ref the game.

After falling behind – for the first time during the game – with just 48 seconds left, the girls showed grit and determination to tie the game up in regulation. They then took the lead and secured the 18-16 victory in overtime.

The girls are next in action Thursday, February 10th at 4 p.m. vs the American School for the Deaf in the NEJA gym, followed by the boys playing ASD at 5:30 p.m. Students and NEJA players’ immediate families are allowed to attend the game.

Siyum Mishnayot

Tuesday morning the NEJA Upper School celebrated with Rabbi David Fried who made a Siyum on his completion of study of the entire 6 Orders of The Mishnah!

Rabbi Fried spoke about the profound value of daily study of Mishnah and encouraged the students to consider joining the community of learners as the new grand learning cycle begins this Friday.

Finally he spoke about the greatness of SHALOM/Peace, emphasizing that we value vigorous argumentation but always and only in the context of the greater value of respect and honor for our fellow man.

After the special Kaddish and singing, everyone enjoyed a delicious breakfast.

10th grade biology present 3d cell models

10th grade biology presented their 3D cell models on Monday. Student’s creatively displayed cellular components using styrofoam, clay, household materials, and even edible ingredients.

Mesilas Yesharim Mondays at Lunch

Students sitting with Rabbi J during lunch, discussing the classic text on Jewish Ethics, Mesilas Yesharim, The Path of the Just. 


Sukkot Davening at NEJA has been lengthy and joyous! Student spirit has led the way with Hallel and Hosha’anot. Here the boys circle the bins with lulavim in hand as Shai Bernstein leads the daily hosha’ana chant.

Honor Roll for 4th Quarter and 2019-20 Academic Year Announced

NEJA’s Upper Division is delighted to announce our High Honors and Honor Roll for the 4th quarter, and for the 2019-2020 academic year!

Asaf Glahn, Harry Gold, Noah Grosberg, Elijah Kesler, Hillel Kofsky, Morissa Kranc, Maya Oberstein, Brian Silberman, Liya Simon, and Aaron Snyder

Yoni Gesin, Ariella Gutfreund, Levi Kofsky, Kobi Luzhanskiy, Talia Rapaport, Jack Resnick, Zachary Schulman, Holden Shapiro, Nachum Silver, and Moshe Skoglund

Asaf Glahn, Harry Gold, Noah Grosberg, Elijah Kesler, Hillel Kofsky, Morissa Kranc, Maya Oberstein, Brian Silberman, Liya Simon, and Aaron Snyder

Ariella Gutfreund, Levi Kofsky, Talia Rapaport, Holden Shapiro, Nachum Silver, Tzedkella Malk, Zachary Schulman, and Moshe Skoglund

Mazel Tov on this achievement!

2020 New England Jewish Academy Virtual Awards Night

Mazel Tov to our high school Award Night recipients who were recognized for Leadership and Personal Growth, excellence in General and Judaic studies, as the Life of the School and Role Models, and as MVP’s in Athletics. 

Special recognition goes to two of our juniors who received College Book Awards from The Harvard Club and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute!