Lower School Kite Day

In honor of Rosh Chodesh Kislev, and to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather, students participated in Kite Day! Our science teachers used this experience to teach on the topics of wind force and lift.

NEJA Senior Harry Gold is a winner of CHET Dream Big! Competition

Congratulations to NEJA senior Harry Gold, who is one of the winners of the CHET Dream Big! Competition! In order to be one of the recipients of the CHET Dream Big! Compeitition award, students were selected after providing information on their academic achievements, extracurricular activities, community service, and respond to the question, “What are your future goals to have a voice or leadership role in your own community?”

$100,000 will be awarded to the class of 2022, with five students winning $5,000 each and 75 students winning $1,000 each. Harry is one of 5 students in Connecticut who won the top prize!

Mesilas Yesharim Mondays at Lunch

Students sitting with Rabbi J during lunch, discussing the classic text on Jewish Ethics, Mesilas Yesharim, The Path of the Just. 

1st and 2nd Grade KIBO programming

This morning the first graders, along with the second grade helpers, completed the KIBO  programming that they began last week which included repeating commands to have KIBO go in a square. The children had their robot  go forward, turn left, (4 times,) and then sing and shake their lulav. Some of the steps during the engineering design process included having the wheels go either bumpy or smoothly and did it make a difference?,  building a platform that would hold the lulav, (many variations were available,) having it go around their individual BIMAH they built during Sukkot, and sing and shake. They also decided which sensors they needed and which were not needed to have a successful program. The pictures and videos attached show the class both during the process and trying it out!


Sukkot Davening at NEJA has been lengthy and joyous! Student spirit has led the way with Hallel and Hosha’anot. Here the boys circle the bins with lulavim in hand as Shai Bernstein leads the daily hosha’ana chant.

3rd and 4th Grade Wanted Posters

3rd and 4th Grade students created wanted posters in computer class using Google Slides. In learning how to order and manipulate layers, install theme appropriate fonts and colorize and edit images, the students were able to create old west style wanted posters of themselves.

1st and 2nd Grade Make Mother’s Day Gifts

1st and 2nd Grade Make Mother’s Day Gifts

Happy Mother’s Day! In honor of their mothers, students in first and second grades gathered pictures from the school year and cropped them to make a collage on a special glass plate.

Jewish Hartford Rapid Relief and Recovery Fund Helping Schools Educate Safely and Jewishly Amidst COVID-19

While the COVID-19 pandemic forced many public schools to shift from in-person to remote learning, thanks to emergency financial assistance from the Jewish Hartford Rapid Relief and Recovery Fund, New England Jewish Academy and Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Hartford have been able to offer in-person learning this fall without interruption. The Fund granted $60,000 for need-based day school scholarships and allowed both schools to find new and creative ways to provide safe, continuous, personalized classroom learning.

Keeping the schools open and students safe has been no easy feat, requiring immense effort and dedication. Allocations from the RRR Fund — established by the Federation and the Jewish Community Foundation — allowed NEJA to purchase outdoor canopies, enabling classes to meet outdoors. NEJA also used the grant to purchase upgraded WiFi and audio equipment, so both students and teachers can “Zoom” into classes when necessary. NEJA was also able to purchase PPE and sanitization materials, ensuring the same comfortable, safe, healthy academic atmosphere its students, faculty, and staff have always known.

“Federation has been with us every step of the way through this extremely challenging time,” said Naty Katz, NEJA’s new Head of School. “With timely emergency relief funds, and the creative drive to help promote Jewish day school education in our community, Federation has been a reliable partner in the Academy’s sustainability, vitality, and growth.”

Meanwhile, at Schechter, staff have diligently provided students with the deeply connected, progressive, multi-age educational environment for which the school is known. A grant from the RRR Fund helped Schechter maintain outdoor classrooms for as long as weather allowed, upgrade cleaning services, and acquire sanitation supplies for the entire school community.

“Everyone in the Schechter community is incredibly grateful for the generous Federation support,” said Andrea Kasper, Head of School. “Throughout the years, Federation’s support has helped us transform our school, resulting in beautiful double classrooms that today allow us the ample space to physically distance.”

Be sure to check out the recent inspiring educational happenings at NEJA and Schechter!

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