100th Day in Kindergarten

Today was our 100th day of school! Students had an opportunity to participate in a number of 100th day activities. We made necklaces and crowns as we celebrated 100 days of school. In Language Arts we celebrated by reading books about the 100th day of school and writing about what we would do with 100 __?__ .  In math we counted to 100 and colored 100 shapes. We all had a fun and exciting day to learn and talk about the number 100!

Students Enjoy One-Pin during P.E

During their PE classes this week, the 2nd-6th grade students have been enjoying some competitive games of “1-pin”, a handball based game that teaches the students teamwork and  tactical thinking as well as challenging their throwing and catching skills. Games became competitive as students began to create strategies to win the game

5th and 6th Grade Chart the Weather in Google Sheets

The 5th and 6th grade students have been learning how to use Google Sheets to record high and low temperatures, calculate average high and low temperatures and then create charts to present that information. Each student had to create 2 different styled charts to present their data. Their charts we then presented in the collaborative slideshow below

Forces and Motion in Third Grade

On Monday, the first and second graders were treated to a carnival of home made games created by the third graders as part of their Forces and Motion science unit. Each third grader created, using recycled materials, a game that would demonstrate their knowledge of motion, force, position, direction and strength. The games included Shimon’s Seltz Bang, Avi’s Get Through Game, Hockey with Shmuel, Yoni’s Shooter Challenge, Mendel’s Sling Shot, Cole’s Bowling Arena and The Jackpots of Alex.
Back in class, the first and second graders wrote thank you notes to Morah Shoshana and the third grade.
The second graders are looking forward to making their own games next year when they work on this unit.

Math Magic

First and second grade students built a turkey using their skills from “Number of the Day.” Each feather represented the number on the turkey’s belly, and the feathers were decorated with the correct number of tally marks, money signs, addition and subtraction sentences, expanded notation, and the number in words.