Hitching Recycled Dogs to KIBO robots

This week the first and second graders had the opportunity to “hitch” their recycled dog sled to their KIBO robot and complete their portion of the Iditarod trail which commemorates the 1,100 mile dogsled mail route. This commemorates the dog sleds that brought much needed medicine during a diptheria epidemic in Alaska. The robots held the recycled dogsleds and were programmed to run a part of the course.

Pi Day Activities

Pi day activities included making a cityscape using the first 50 numbers of Pi, and making Pi bracelets

3rd and 4th Grade Wanted Posters

3rd and 4th Grade students created wanted posters in computer class using Google Slides. In learning how to order and manipulate layers, install theme appropriate fonts and colorize and edit images, the students were able to create old west style wanted posters of themselves.

1st and 2nd Grade Make Mother’s Day Gifts

1st and 2nd Grade Make Mother’s Day Gifts

Happy Mother’s Day! In honor of their mothers, students in first and second grades gathered pictures from the school year and cropped them to make a collage on a special glass plate.

6th grade students learn the first Daf of their Gemara Perek, Alu Metzio

6th grade students learn the first Daf of their Gemara Perek, Alu Metzio

6th Grade Judaics is incredibly proud of Mordechai Gopin, Alex Ostrozinsky, and Max Braunshweiger. They have not only learned the first Daf of our Gemara Perek, Alu Metzios. But they have demonstrated tremendous review in their own time, and gave up their recess time to say over the Gemara in their own words to Rabbi Forgosh (some even by heart without their Talmud or review packet).

A big focus of class has been you don’t have to pick between being a Talmud Chacham or having a professional career. Review in the Gemara, especially in your own words really helps us gain Shas. Anybody can do it, and these students should be our example! We are very excited to see further achievement.

Citrus Sense Lab in First Grade

Citrus Sense Lab in First Grade

Today In first grade we had a sense tasting lab. We tasted lemon, lime, orange,vgrapefruit, banana,and estrog. We compared the size, shape, texture, smell, color and taste and if it was it citrus fruit or not.

What fun!

1st and 2nd Grade Re-Create Brooklyn Bridge in STEM Activity

Using the true story of 21 Elephants and Still Standing, by April Prince, (the story of P.T.Barnum parading his 21 circus elephants across the newly (14 years to build,) constructed Brooklyn Bridge to show that it would be safe to cross,) ,the students participated in a STEM activity.

Using the same materials- 2 cups, 2 feet of masking tape and 20 popsicle sticks, each child tried to create a bridge that would hold at least 21 counting cubes ( our stand in for elephants.) The attached pictures will show you their efforts in building, trying it out and redesigning the bridge to hold much more than 21 cubes.

Congratulations first and second graders.

Sukkot Celebrations with Klezmer Music

Field Day? Fire Drill? No… it was a joyous but safe and socially distanced Sukkot celebration, dancing and clapping along with Klezmer music! Activities throughout the week included a juggling performance by Nachum Silver (NEJA 2023), a Kumzitz sing-along, and class meals in the Sukkah!

Elementary Students Welcome Back to School

Elementary Students Welcome Back to School

Welcome back, Lower Division students! What a joy to all be together – even six feet apart and sporting masks – after a long absence. It took no time at all for students to become acclimated to changes in routine and protocols. We look forward to officially kicking off the school year tomorrow!

Preschool Backyard Scavenger Hunt

A science Experiment, The Tiny Seed, Scavenger Hunt and More

Efram Hersh enjoyed the science experiment he did online with Miss Kathleen, using baking soda and vinegar! Preschoolers also listened to parts of “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle, and discussed how the wind helps the tiny seed. The students completed a worksheet on what things help the tiny seed and what things hurt the tiny seed, and had lots of fun singing songs about planting time and acting it out. Their favorite part of the lesson was the backyard scavenger hunt, searching for butterflies, squirrels, sticks, mud, leaves, ants, flowers, rocks, and other outdoor items!