3rd and 4th Grade Wanted Posters

3rd and 4th Grade students created wanted posters in computer class using Google Slides. In learning how to order and manipulate layers, install theme appropriate fonts and colorize and edit images, the students were able to create old west style wanted posters of themselves.

Middle School Students Begin the Photoshop Component of their Computer Science Curriculum

Middle School Students Begin the Photoshop Component of their Computer Science Curriculum

Middle School students began the Photoshop component of their computer science class curriculum. They began with learning about the different tools available on the interface, and how they can use those to create solid, patterned and gradient backgrounds.

Additionally, they were introduced to the different blending options that can be applied to layers . As a starter project, the students were tasked with using the different ways to create a background, and then use the layer blending options to decorate and “dress up” a text layer containing their name.

In the coming weeks, students will continue to learn more of the basics such as photo and color manipulation, using layer selection tools, background and object removal plus much more!

Middle School Students Create Non-Linear Interactive Slideshows in Google Slides

Middle School students have been busy learning how to create non-linear interactive slideshows using Google Slides. 

Students were required to create a slideshow on the planets of the solar system in a way that allowed the user to hop back and forth between slides that provided information about each planet. The students were required to insert muted, auto-playing videos related to each planet as well as use transparent shapes to link to other slides within the slideshow, creating the illusion of a linked hotspot on the image; all using the skills taught during distance learning in computer science class. 

Students were presented with a starter image of the solar system but were rewarded with bonus points for originality, visual presentation and technical proficiency.

The students work can be found below:

5th and 6th Grade Chart the Weather in Google Sheets

The 5th and 6th grade students have been learning how to use Google Sheets to record high and low temperatures, calculate average high and low temperatures and then create charts to present that information. Each student had to create 2 different styled charts to present their data. Their charts we then presented in the collaborative slideshow below