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Elementary School

New England Jewish Academy

Elementary School

Our Goals and Learning Environment
Our goals for the elementary students are simple: we want our students to love school, be proud of skills learned, feel excitement in each success, and begin to identify their specific interests and unique talents. Our academic program focuses on skill building, critical thinking and problem solving skills as the students journey through their wonderful elementary school years. Learning is fostered through engaging, joyful and challenging classes. The small class sizes allow teachers to truly hone in on each student’s individual learning styles to help them succeed and excel.
General Studies
Through highly customized, hands-on experiential education, students are immersed in Language Arts, Writing Workshop, Math, Science, and Social Studies. They do not only learn about it, they also experience it and apply it to the world around them.
Judaic Studies

Our goal is for students to attain a love of Torah, heritage and Jewish learning while also focusing on moral and ethical lessons. Through the stories and characters in the Chumash and Navi, the moral lesson learned in Mishnah/Gemarah (Talmud), and the practical application of Halacha, our students are able to take this knowledge and apply it to their daily lives.


 Ivrit is initially taught through activities, songs, books and games that engage the students in the fun of learning. The program expands as students learn to read, write, speak and converse and is related to real life experiences, covering topics such as the home, holidays, shabbat, and society at large.


We believe it is essential for our students to have a well-rounded extracurricular experience. Our students participate in art, music, gym, and technology classes, and enjoy additional opportunities to hone their creative skills to create something that is uniquely theirs, while also keeping their bodies and minds healthy. Day trips and guest speakers reinforce what is learned in class and enhance the students’ experiences.

Ahavat Israel

NEJA places strong emphasis on Israel programming as a core part of our school culture. Throughout the year, the students learn about the depth and breadth of Israel and have experiences such as meeting with visitors from Israel and enjoy holiday programs.. Israeli emissaries engage with our students on a weekly basis with fun and educational Israeli-based activities. We work hard to inspire Ahavat Eretz Yisrael, a love of the land of Israel, within our students.