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 The mission of NEJA’s College Guidance Department is to help our students create opportunities that will enhance their lives—and an important first step toward this future is access to higher education.

We offer several parent-student information sessions on the vast array of options available in higher education, from vocational-technical programs to university study, military commitment or part-time college study. Every fall, we present “Looking Ahead to College,” an evening class for 9th- to 11th-graders and their parents, that provides a basic overview of the college application process, the financial aid application process, and the standardized testing process. We strongly encourage students and parents to reach out to the College Adviser to discuss questions or schedule meetings.

Freshman | Sophomore Years

During freshman year, we encourage students to challenge themselves academically, as well as to explore their extracurricular interests. In their sophomore year students begin taking on leadership roles at NEJA and in their communities. Students develop initial resumes to use when seeking internships or part-time work. In sophomore and junior years, the Guidance Department provides students with the opportunity to take a preliminary SAT test (PSAT). We help the students and parents to evaluate these test results and advise on options for future standardized testing, such as the SAT and ACT.

Junior Year

The Guidance Department offers an evening program, “An Overview of the College Planning Process” for all juniors and their parents. We also host various college admissions representatives who visit NEJA each year to discuss their colleges’ offerings with juniors and seniors. During junior year, we encourage families to meet with the College Adviser to begin creating individual college plans.

Senior Year

The Guidance Department offers another evening program, “The College Application Timeline” for seniors and their families. Throughout senior year, we advise students on finalizing their college lists, writing college essays, updating activity resumes, requesting letters of recommendation from teachers, preparing for college interviews, and navigating the financial aid process. NEJA’s alumni are also welcome to return as they make plans for college, graduate school, internships, employment, etc. A timeline for what to expect for college planning in each year at NEJA is included in the College and Student Guidance Services booklet.

Recent College Acceptances

One hundred percent of the HHNE graduates that apply to colleges receive acceptances each year. Within the past several years, NEJA graduates have been accepted to schools such as Princeton University, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Pennsylvania, NYU, Brandeis University, Yeshiva University, Barnard College, University of California Los Angeles, Carnegie-Mellon University, Cornell University, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Click here for a full list.

helpful resources