Hibernating Animals in 2nd Grade

Morah Nechama’s enrichment project group drew pictures of hibernating animals and wrote sentences about their animals. Did you know that bees hibernate and only the queen lives in dirt? Hedgehogs hibernate and sleep in dens. Bears live in their dens over the winter and use different ones each year. The Common Poorwill is the only bird that hibernates usually in a hollow log. Bats love to hang upside down and sleep in caves for up to six months. Chipmunks dig a hole or burrow to hibernate in and often their cheeks bulge out with their stash of food

Siyum Mishnayot

Tuesday morning the NEJA Upper School celebrated with Rabbi David Fried who made a Siyum on his completion of study of the entire 6 Orders of The Mishnah!

Rabbi Fried spoke about the profound value of daily study of Mishnah and encouraged the students to consider joining the community of learners as the new grand learning cycle begins this Friday.

Finally he spoke about the greatness of SHALOM/Peace, emphasizing that we value vigorous argumentation but always and only in the context of the greater value of respect and honor for our fellow man.

After the special Kaddish and singing, everyone enjoyed a delicious breakfast.

10th grade biology present 3d cell models

10th grade biology presented their 3D cell models on Monday. Student’s creatively displayed cellular components using styrofoam, clay, household materials, and even edible ingredients.